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I love you so much it consumes me.

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favorite blair waldorf outfits (season 4)

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The Upper East Side was like something from Fitzgerald or Thackeray. Teenagers acting like adults, adults acting like teenagers… guarding secrets, spreading gossip… all with the trappings of truly opulent wealth. And membership in this community was so elite you couldn’t even buy your way in; it was a birthright. A birthright I didn’t have, and my greatest achievements would never earn me. All I had to compare to this world was what I’d read in books… but that gave me the idea. If wasn’t born into this world, maybe I could write myself into it.

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"Just know that not living with you is the hardest thing I’ve ever done, but at least I have someone who loves me by my side. You should find someone who loves you too."

"I have. She’s standing right in front of me.

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fangirl challenge: [4/30] pairings » serena van der woodsen + nate archibald, gossip girl

 ”I wish that somehow, we could relive that night because this time I know that you love me and you know that I love you.”

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favorite blair waldorf outfits (season 3)

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favorite blair waldorf outfits (season 2)

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I’m the best of the best. I’m Blair Waldorf.

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